We are in a far different marketplace today than we were 12-18 months ago. Back then, at the peak of the boom, properties were basically selling themselves. Yes, there were fancy photos and colourful signs, but in reality the surplus of buyers, easy lending criteria, and the lack of properties for sale, meant that people had to fight hard and often pay over their budget to secure a property.

Agents could get away with overpricing properties and not caring about buyers, because if the first buyer at the open home didn’t buy it, then the second one surely would. The hardest work many of these agents did was post a selfie on their Facebook page!

Now, as the market has slowed, and money has tightened, the true agents rise above the pack. Many agents who have only worked in good times are now finding themselves stuck with overpriced properties and have no idea how to actually manage a property listing, or look after the shortening list of serious buyers.

Technology is not always the answer.  The successful agents today are those who have adapted to a changing market and work hard providing good old fashioned serviced to their clients. Some make the mistake of thinking success will come if they change their brand name, or move to another company, but in reality, you have to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work hard to consistently achieve good results in today’s market. History shows that many agents will leave the industry and part-timers will also go as it is now a 24/7 business.

At Bennett Property we have succeeded in the good times and the bad. We are the oldest and most successful real estate business in the Hawkesbury, and have the skill and resources to adapt and embrace a changing marketplace. For the right advice on selling your property, please call me today on  4578 1234.