Jaw-dropping colonial house in Windsor built in 1819 for sale.

One of Australia’s oldest and best-preserved houses has hit the market in a landmark sale.

The building in Sydney’s northwest, known as the Doctor’s House, was built 202 years ago and is up for sale with price expectations of around the $2.5 million mark.

That makes it is the oldest residential building currently for sale in the country, with the structure predating the establishment of Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Built in 1819, the Windsor house at Thompson Square, a conservation area, is one of the few remaining buildings of its era outside of the Sydney CBD.

For some context, Sydney was still in its infancy as a settlement back then and had a population of just under 12,000 people.

The Windsor house started life as a tavern known at varying times as Freemason’s Arms and The Lord Nelson Inn.

The sandstone basement level was once a tavern. Picture: Bennett Property

The basement level includes a wine cellar.

It was later converted to a residence sometime in the 1830s after a level was added.

The section that was once the tavern now exists as the sandstone basement – it includes a wine cellar, poker room, lounge and nine fireplaces.

Selling agent Michael Bennett of Bennett Property said the home was expected to attract a mix of buyers because it has both residential and commercial zoning.

“It could be a home and restaurant, something for arts and crafts. There are a lot of options,” he said.

The upper level is more modern.

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The colonial terrace is known as the Doctor’s House because of two previous owners who ran medical practices out of the property.

The current owners have lived in the property for close to 10 years and their children were understood to be using the basement level as a practice area for a music band, among other things.

There are some surprising touches of both modern and old. The backyard has a pizza oven, chook pen and veggie patch.

The upper level has a timber kitchen, eight fireplaces, four bedrooms and many other rooms. One of the walls in the living area is decorated with wallpaper showing superheroes such as Spider-Man and Superman, along with other art.

The sandstone level was built in 1819.

The backyard has a pizza oven.

The house is positioned close to the Hawkesbury River.

French doors lead to a veranda with metal ornate handrails overlooking the Hawkesbury River.

Including homes not for sale, the oldest building in Sydney and Australia’s oldest surviving house is widely understood to be Elizabeth Farm in the suburb of Rosehill. Built in 1793, the historic home is now a museum.

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